Spaceship DVD Review

Lucidia is unsure as to what the world or the universe has to offer her. She lost her mother to suicide. Though she was unsure what this did to her mother, she feels it has opened a door to a new reality. The d... Read More...

Akenfield DVD Review

A farming family history plays across the lives of a son, father and grandfather. The death of one, brings the others into a world that they understand. Familiar as it is, each have lived it so differently and ... Read More...

The Long Haul Review

If there was ever an actor that matched the heft and expression of a Leyland truck it was Victor Mature, so who better to star in The Long Haul, a trucking thriller that combines US noir with British dour.

Back to the Garden DVD Review

It’s a year since the death of Ivan, an inspirational theatre director, and we follow a group of his close friends who come together to celebrate his memory.
Starred Up review

Starred Up Review

With this title and a lead character called Eric Love you might guess that this was a tale of a wannabe pop singer or perhaps a trainee accountant who dreams of a more glamorous life – you’d be wrong. Starred Up is a prison drama that hits you right between the eyes with a visceral power not seen since the days of Alan Clarke.