Loving Vincent DVD

 Vincent Van Gogh (Robert Gulaczyk) has died by his own hand a year prior. He has left a letter in the charge of postmaster Julian Roulin (Christopher O'Dowd) to be delivered to his brother but the letter keeps... Read More...

Seoul Station Blu-ray Review

Last year's thrilling ride, Train To Busan was one of the best horror films of the decade - fast paced, emotional and packed an incredible punch. Alas it wasn't going to be long until Busan's prequel; the animation, Seoul Station was to be released.

Miss Hokusai DVD

Katsusjika Hokusai was an artist who was known across the globe at one point. A superb artist that drew classical Japanese paintings with a deft touch for visual excess. His daughter O-Ei, often had to step in ... Read More...

Zootropolis Review

Welcome to Zootropolis. Renamed from the American title Zootopia, presumably because the British are too cynical to believe in the concept of an animal utopia sight-unseen*, Disney Animation Studios' latest sma... Read More...