Tiger Raid Review

TRHEADTwo mercenaries are sent to an unknown country to complete an operation. The place is hostile and barren. The job is vague and the two are armed to the teeth but unsure as to what they can do. They have to get to a location. Find a person and secure the position before the next step. Problem is that one is given a directive that is to end the others operational process. Bodies and blood are left behind but when they find the place they have to secure a mixture of loyalties and history come to ahead.

TR1Irish cinema has an ability to engage and throw up questions that its other western and European counterparts aren’t able to sound out. The reason is in my opinion that Ireland has suffered. It has conflict to this day (The film explores this), It has the residue of financial loss and recession damage (the film looks at this) and finally it has the problem of history (Not just the previous two things but also with famine, political chicanery and cultural issues.)  Violence and its threat permeates the very fabric of the piece. Trust and its wavering movements underline everything. People are not only action but are reactionary and unpredictable.

TR5This film asks a lot of the viewer and weights you down with the sheer weight of the vocabulary. The sheer weight of the payload of ideas and concepts. It makes you work for its payload and it delivers with bolt. Talk is cheap but here it is used to converse about all of the issues in the modern states of Ireland and the middle east. Identity and ideology are underlined by a great use of space and two lead actors that are charismatic and interesting. It is worth the time to invest in and might make the viewer feel less prepared for its climatic explosion.

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