127 Hours Film Review

James Franco takes on a true depiction of the mountain climber, Aron Ralston, who battled for survival after he falls in a Canyon in Utah with an unmoveable rock crashing on his hand. Aron Ralston has a merry-go-happy personality, living life to the fullest, and treating everything like an adventure. To show this side of him he bumps into two girls, Kristi (Kate Mara), and Megan (Amber Tamblyn). He shows them a great time in a Canyon, where lets face it, there’s not much to do! As they split ways, Aron tries to maneuver himself using a rock for support, slips, and then crashes on his hand on the way down, leaving Aron stuck, stranded, and fighting, without much food or water.

Danny Boyle took on Slumdog Millionaire, and got Oscar winning performances from all his cast, and an Oscar for himself. This time he has taken a probably not so oscar worthy script, but really made it his own. He’s used great cinematography to show Aron’s view of his battle. I think this plays a huge role in the way the viewers are meant to see this film; through the eyes of Aron. The way Danny Boyle brings out Aron’s hallucinations are done with good emotions. Although, for me, the hallucinations tend to get a bit too much and take out the gripping aspect of the film, which lessens mid-point.

James Franco is really going up in the rankings as an actor. He has taken on a lot of varied roles, and proves himself to be a phenonenal performer. He is a comedian, and will always make you laugh, even when he’s playing a serious role, which was nice to see, and it pretty much keeps the film alive at sometimes.

It is definitely worth a watch, not as gripping throughout, but towards the ending I can guarantee every seat in the cinema will be holding their breaths!!

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