X Factor Winner Leona Lewis sings Avatar theme tune

News has broke this morning of James Cameron’s new 3D film Avatar having its theme tune sung by UK pop sensation Leona Lewis. Lewis rose to fame through the reality tv show The X factor, a show that scours the UK for budding artists with a talent like no other. Teaming up with the composers and producers behind the titanic soundtrack, Leona Lewis has been working on the theme tune for the film set to release in December.  The song, called ‘I See You’ will be released two days before the film hits the cinemas on the 17th December.

Critics are already speculating whether the song (which played over the end credits of the film) will be as big as the last joint effort by composer James Horner and producer Simon Franglen, who produced Celine Dions ‘my heart will go on’ back in 1997. This release ended up being the biggest single of the year, and its hoped that Leona Lewis’ single will be no less this year.


Avatar the film, tells the story of an alien race trying to protect its lands against human invasion. Read the full Avatar review for more details.

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