Videocrash feat: Tyondai Braxton + Plaid + DJ Food + Vuurwerk – 23 May Preview

23rd May 2015

Soundcrash presents V I D E O C R A S H

featuring a very special triple headline show from…


(Exclusive HIVE1 show)


(Warp / special A/V Show)


(Ninja Tune/ London Premiere FutureShock Live A/V)


(Lo Recordings / acclaimed Live A/V Show)

Former Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton will perform a very special and exclusive A/V show a real treat and an unmissable opportunity to watch live one of the most talented artist out there.

‘Mr Braxton has moved forward with exponentially more complicated music. It’s exponentially more entertaining, too’ – NY TIMES

Warp veterans Plaid are a Videocrash institution.

We are really thrilled to have them back on the Soundcrash stage for a very special performance focused on their tantalising audiovisual work. The seminal duo is still one of the most relevant name in the world of electronic music. With their innovative productions, they keep pushing forward the boundaries of electronic music and contemporary art.

‘The technology has evolved, but the Plaid Aesthetic remains constant.’

With 25 years of DJing under his belt, Ninja Tune pioneer DJ Food premiers his FutureShock Live A/V Show for this very special occasion. Beginning the project on the premise of providing metaphorical “food for DJs”, Strictly Kev serves the freshest of sound. A sci-fi trip in retro techno, modular electro and space age radiophonics this is sure to be one tasty A/V set.

‘DJ Food is doing things with turntables that no one else is.’ – Pitchfork

Recently compared to the likes of Atoms for Peace, Massive Attack and James Holden, Belgian trio VUURWERK have won fans around the world the past year with their acclaimed live A/V show and remixes for the likes of Bon Iver and School Is Cool. Fresh off the back of their debut US shows the band have signed to UK independent Lo Recordings and in May release the G.R.I.P. EP.

“… on a fast-track to becoming one of their nation’s notable exports, besides chocolates, Soulwax and that one girl you made out with while backpacking, of course.” – THUMP

The perfect environment for our cinematic voyage with its full-size cinema screen and impressive sound system, KOKO plays host for an evening of full A/V immersion.

Tickets: £15.50 – 17.50 – 19.50
Times: 21 – 3
Tickets available from Soundcrash

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