Summit Entertainment believe we need help…

The film and television rights to John Gray’s 1992 bestselling marital help book, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’  have been picked up by Summit Entertainment as their latest adaptation according to Variety.

The studio who currently helm over the ‘Twilight Saga’ franchise as well as recent Oscar winner ‘The Hurt Locker’ and new releases ‘Remember Me’ starring Robert Pattinson and ‘The Ghost Writer’ based upon Robert Harris’ novel ‘The Ghost’ starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor are due to release a rom-com based on the guide which tells us that, funnily enough, men and women are different…

The book, which suggested various communication styles and emotional needs of both genders, was a surprise bestseller (selling over 50 million copies in 45 countries worldwide) and has spawned more than a dozen spin offs and a number of parodies over the years.

“‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ is not just the title of a book, or what we know will become an amazing film and TV franchise – it is a pop cultural mainstay and comically, sadly, romantically, all too often still true these many years after first being published,” said Eric Feig, Summit’s president of production.

Feig and Summit VP Meredith Milton will oversee the project for the studio. ‘Men Are from Mars’ had previously been in development for Fox 2000 but went into turnaround.

So another rom-com telling us about the differences of gender, clearly no one at Summit watched last year’s ‘The Ugly Truth’ starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler… I thought that answered all our questions… didn’t it?

How about stars for this project? If they want to emulate reality, I was thinking perhaps James Cameron (previously seen in ‘Entourage’ and uncredited extra in his blockbuster ‘Titanic’) and ex Kathryn Bigelow or maybe Britney Spears and Kevin Federline? Whatever the case I am excited about having the obvious pointed out… again…

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