Kick-Ass banned in Korea

Kick-Ass: Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl

Matthew Vaughn’s comic book adaptation has come under much criticism for its profanities, specifically the c word from the 11 year old hit-girl character played by Chloe Mortez. However Vaughn defended the film from such criticism by saying he has yet to receive a single complaint, but it now appears that the films stream of bad language and particularly the violence of Hit-Girl has caused South Korean officials to ban the film from its cinema screens.

South Korea has a history of banning offensive films – only last year the poster for Park Chan-wook’s Thirst was banned, and they have previously banned films including Kubricks A Clockwork Orange, horror thriller Scream and Apocalypse Now.

While Kick-Ass was rated R in America it was only given a 15 certificate here in the UK, so this does seem like a slightly over sensitive reaction by Korea. We’ve seen the film (Read the Kick-Ass Film Review) and although it does have some graphic violence and swearing its all taken in such a humorous view that we cant see how it could really offend anyone.

What do you reckon? Are Korea right to ban Kick-Ass?

EDITORIAL NOTE – If you read this and thought what the hell, did you first check the date it was published? (April Fools)

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  1. Dude in Korea

    “this does seem like a slightly over sensitive reaction by Korea.”

    You obviously know nothing about Korea.


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