Ghostbusters 3 rumoured casting updates

27 years after the release of the originl Ghostbusters film, Ghostbusters 3 is set to be made. The film has been in the works for a while, with a distinct lack of progress in the production process: however, new rumours have emerged regarding some exciting casting. Anna Faris, star of the Scary Movie films and famed for her parts in Lost In Translation and The Hot Chick amongst others, has been named as a potential actress for one of the roles. According to the Feature Film Auditions website Faris is set to play one of the young Ghostbusters in the film, which will also see Dan Akroyd and HaroldRamis reprise their roles both within the film and as script writers.

What’s Playing: Hollywood Insider, however, claims to have access to a ‘Sony Insider’ who maintains having no knowledge of Faris’ part, but indicates Will Forte and Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live fame as potential castings for the film. With these hopeful new developments in the film’s casting, it would seem that production for the film could finally be set into motion and a release date more specific than the currently intended 2012 set.

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