Fox out, Arterton in?

According to a multitude of sources, Megan Fox will not be back for Transformers 3. The reasoning behind the news is fairly murky, to say the least.

The decision itself is hardly surprising given Fox’s war of words with director Michael Bay, having compared him to Adolf Hitler. Some people just can’t take a joke nowadays, even when it does evolve the most hated man in the history of the world.

But confusion has arisen as to whether Fox jumped or if she was pushed. The fact she turned up for previsisualisation (yes, it’s a word… sort of) footage shoots suggests that truth may lie in the former theory. Now Bay is looking to cast a new love interest for Shia Labeouf’s character, and rumour has it that Gemma Arterton may be in first in line.

Transformers 3 is set to release in July next year. Whether Arterton (if she even gets the part) is able to fill the void left by Fox is yet to seen, but I’m sure putting her in very little clothing and surrounding her with vehicles to lounge around on couldn’t hurt.

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