Casino movie players we all wish we could be

Get the thrill of casino without needing to go to one

It used to be that if you wanted to play casino, you’d have to book out an evening or weekend to make the time to go to a land-based casino. Many people would only ever go when they were on vacation, and many more would never actually get around to going at all. However, that’s all changed since the first appearance of online casinos, which anyone can join and start playing at within a couple of minutes in the comfort of their own home.

Today, the choice of online casinos is huge, and many of them, such as bgo, Gala and Caesars Casino, not only offer new players bonus credit to play with when they first sign up, but they also allow you to play in free mode or demo mode, which means you don’t actually have to put down real money bets if you don’t want to. You can just have the fun of playing casino classics such as blackjack whenever you feel like it.

For anyone who has just started playing casino and wants to see it portrayed in the movies, there are some great casino films in circulation. If you’ve not got a particular movie in mind, watch the top five clips here which have been compiled by gaming site bgo, and it’ll give you some ideas.

The casino movie genre is quite wide, and there are lots of angles that have been touched upon. For instance, the 1995 Scorsese film Casino is a mob story, love story and casino story all rolled into one. It’s as much about the intense relationship between casino manager, Ace Rothstein, and his former hooker girlfriend, Ginger, as it is about the influence of the Chicago mob on the Las Vegas casino industry during the 70s and 80s.

If you’re in the mood for something infinitely more light-hearted, then the Hangover (2009) is the way to go. Four friends head to Vegas for a bachelor party and the first night goes horribly wrong. The rest of the movie is about three of them trying to piece together what happened – and locate the missing groom.

Then there are the casino heist films – such as Ocean’s 11, the 2001 remake of the Ratpack film of the same name. The 2001 version personifies the glamour that we all associate with casinos – with a stellar cast to boot. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are just some of the big names in the line-up. Unlike most heist movies, though, it doesn’t end with a shoot-out – there’s a clever twist at the end.

The same could be said for 21, the movie that starred Kevin Bacon and Jim Sturgess, released in 2008. Based on a true story, the plot is about MIT students and their professor using card counting to rip off the big casinos. The story is narrated by Sturgess’s character, Ben Campbell, as a student who is being interviewed for a scholarship at Harvard Medical School. As he’s down to the last two, and has to ‘dazzle’ the person who’s interviewing him, he decides to recount his card-counting exploits. As the movie comes to a close, we see that he has achieved his interview goal.

With online casinos always open and so many great casino movies available on DVD or to stream, you can have the fun of casino anytime you want, without having to step out of the front door.

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