Anonymous extravaganza!

Morning fellow folk! To celebrate the release of Anonymous in cinemas today we thought we’d treat you to a whole host of intruiging content…explore thigh hearts out!

Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Sigmund Freud, namely: who actually created the body of work credited to William Shakespeare?  Experts have debated, books have been written, and scholars have devoted their lives to protecting or debunking theories surrounding the authorship of the most renowned works in English literature. Anonymous poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when scandalous political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles lusting for the power of the throne were brought to light in the most unlikely of places: the London stage.

Does thou agree with Emmerich’s analysis of Shakespeare’s validity?

Can anyone think of any other plays that inspired more political outrage than artisitic merit?

Who’s seeing Anonymous this weekend?

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