Stephen King On Screen : 01 Sep – 03 Oct at BFI Southbank

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us – and sometimes they win”
Stephen King

Stephen King at BFI

Is there a contemporary novelist who has had a greater impact on cinema than Stephen King? Since Carrie’s telekinetic meltdown at the prom over four decades ago, his creations have hit screens, both big and small, with unwavering regularity. Scarcely a year passes without a handful of new interpretations, and now, with over 100 features, shorts and (in name only) sequels in existence, the ‘Stephen King movie’ is a sub-genre in itself. But while King’s name is synonymous with horror, this season proves his work can make for richly varied, genre-bending cinema. As 2017 sees an exciting new crop of adaptations including It and The Dark Tower, and King’s 70th birthday, there’s no better time to celebrate and re-evaluate his invaluable contribution to the moving image. All hail the King.



01-29 Sep

Directed by Brian De Palma. The tragic tale of a telekinetic teen – a truly heartbreaking turn from Sissy Spacek as Carrie White.

Mon 11 Sep screening at BFI IMAX.

Pet Sematary

03-23 Sep

Dare you watch one of the most unsettling Stephen King film adaptations? Behind a young family’s home in Maine is a terrible secret that holds the power of life after death.

Wed 13 Sep screening at BFI IMAX.

The Shining

03-11 Sep

Kubrick’s chilling classic elicited stunning performances from Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.

Mon 11 Sep screening at BFI IMAX.


07 Sep – 03 Oct

It’s boy-meets-car in John Carpenter’s darkly unconventional love story. A nerdish boy buys a strange car with an evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.

Wed 13 Sep screening at BFI IMAX.

On Screen

The season is comprehensive and features virtually all of the other classic films based on Kings book. Many screenings come with special guests and introductions including; The Dead Zone, Salem’s Lot + intro by Stacey Abbott, University of Roehampton, Creepshow + discussion hosted by MCM Comic Con, Christine + intro by Simon Brown, Kingston University, Children of the Corn, Firestarter, Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist (B&W version), Maximum Overdrive, Misery + intro by Anna Bogutskaya, BFI Events Programmer, The Dark Half + intro by Michael Blyth (season curator), Sleepwalkers, 1408, Dolores Claiborne, The Green Mile.

Preview: It

Monday 04 September 2017 20:40

21-24 Sep

Stephen King Film Quiz

Fri 22 Sep 19:00 | Blue Room

Test your knowledge on all things Stephen King!

The Stephen King Summit

Sat 23 Sep 11:00 | NFT3

Fans, critics, and experts converge for this landmark event exploring Stephen King on film and TV.

The Mist (B&W version)

21 Sep & 02 Oct

A screening of Darabont’s preferred black and white version of his atmospheric chiller.

Horror FX Makeup Drop-In

Sat 23 Sep 13:00-16:00 | Foyer

Theatrical make-up artist Kate Griffiths will be running sessions over the weekend. Dare to drop in…

Discussions, workshops and more

From Story to Script

Sat 09 Sep 10:00 | Studio

Screenwriters are invited to participate in an intensive day of talks, workshops and discussion.

Creepshow + discussion hosted by MCM Comic Con

Wed 06 Sep 20:30 | NFT1

United by their shared love of vintage horror comics, King joined forces with George A. Romero for a nostalgic love letter to their favourite genre.

Favourites chosen by the author himself

The Changeling

05 & 11 Sep

One of the best supernatural thrillers ever made stars George C. Scott as a widowed man in a ‘haunted’ house.

The Hitcher

30 Sep & 01 Oct

A terrifying serial killer thriller, starring Rutger Hauer as the mysterious and homicidal John Ryder.


For full listings, more info and tickets visit the BFI website.

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