The teenage male has a hard life. Yes it pales in regard to the bridge between girl and woman but this John Hughes film explores, if with a skewed eye, the male of the species. School is tough for the newly post pubescent boy and they have problems with place, predominance and dominance. Then comes the worst situation. That of the opposite sex. A major stumbling block to happiness and success in life. Some navigate it just and others fail miserably. What about those that create their own prefect model?

Gary (Anthony Micheael Hall) and Wyatt (IIan Mitchell-Smith) are geeks, so unable to experience hope at school that they plan to make their own woman. Beautiful, brainy and able to wear a bikini without a crease. This sounds like a pipe dream, until that is a computer malfunction creates a real virtual woman. She comes with amazing attributes and strange additional qualities.

WARNING. I Do not fucking care about your anger at sexual politics. I do not care you are offended by WEIRD SCIENCE and are either white / left wing / POC. I am not here to tell you you are wrong, more stop. Stop now the modern, revisionist nonsense with films like this. Those that see WEIRD SCIENCE as a puerile, teen, wet dream need to step off. You have been programmed well.  John Hughes (a now vilified figure in modern film circles) might have written and directed it but stop! It is not a great film. This much is obvious from its first ten minutes. But it is the sort of film that brought flashes of 70s sexual politics to 80s teen culture. Hughes seems to have been writing this and SIXTEEN CANDLES (also released and reviewed shortly) as films speaking young people about the sexual battleground they find themselves in. Its funny, it often gets the passage of male hood right. Its not subtle but neither are horny kids.

Special Edition Contents:

  • New restoration by Arrow Films from a 4K scan of the original negative
  • High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentation of the original Theatrical Version of the film (94 mins), plus seamlessly-branched exclusive Extended Version (97 mins), featuring two additional scenes newly remastered in high-definition
  • Original lossless stereo audio, plus 5.1 DTS-HD MA surround option (theatrical version only)
  • Original English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Edited-for-TV version of the film (SD only, 95 mins), plus comparison featurette highlighting the alternate dubs and takes
  • Option to watch additional scenes from the Extended Version separately
  • Newly-filmed interview with special makeup creator Craig Reardon
  • Newly-filmed interview with composer Ira Newborn
  • Newly-filmed interview with supporting actor John Kapelos
  • All-new interview with casting director Jackie Burch
  • It’s Alive: Resurrecting Weird Science, an archive documentary featuring interviews with cast, crew and admirers, including star Anthony Michael Hall
  • Theatrical trailers and TV spots
  • Image gallery
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Tracie Ching

First Pressing Only : Illustrated collectors’ booklet featuring new writing on the film by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Amanda Reyes

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