James Bridges THE PAPER CHASE, is a study in the exhaustion of study. James Hart (Timothy Bottoms) is a first-year student at Harvard Law School. Yes the Harvard Law School. He is struggling with his work, his personal life and most of all his professor Charles Kingsfield (John Houseman), who has no liking for soft students. The genre tropes of scholarly direction, personal redemption and the over coming of adversity might seem to be on the cards but here in lay the rub. James begins a relationship with Susan (Lindsay Wagner), part divorcee and part maid on campus. She might also be something far more dangerous, she is Kingsfield’s daughter. The pressures have been weighing down on him, the papers have been flapping him and to succeed at Harvard, he must decide what he really wants in life.

You often expect the deliriousness of working hard to pay off in cinema. If the THE PAPER CHASE would be made today at least, success would be passing top flight, in the review at Harvard Law School. Let me be the first to say, this is far from that kind of film. Its a deeer probe. A darker bend and a little flirt to the whole. Knightsfield and Hart relationship is boiling slowly, like a cooker on the stove. But it is the vessal of the film. The producers commentary (the only extra here on the disc) really explores the rationale behind all of this. For the story is not looking at an easy out, more a journey that leaves us off at a simply point of time.

Special Features:

High-Definition Transfer
UK Blu-ray Premiere
Original Mono Audio
Optional English SDH Subtitles for the Main Feature
Audio Commentary by Producer Robert C. Thompson



The Paper Chase [Dual Format]
SKU: S1BR0057
RELEASE DATE: 13th June 2022

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