Luis Buñuel’s 1972 masterpiece is 50 years young. The hilarious take down of the chattering classes, which uses surrealism and social satire to lampoon the hypocrisy of the upper-class is back in a restored 4K for this very celebration. It was considered one of his most successful and iconic films from Bunuel (he had a few), it was loved by critics and audiences alike, and received Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, but is the new THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIS all that this stands for? Well yes indeed it is for three key reasons. But first the usual. If you do not know the film, it sees an Ambassador of a South American country called Miranda, taking on a lot as he has been smuggling in drugs with some French bourgeois friends. They are all nice people right? Bar the drug smuggling they like to have dinner. Excpet that every time they want to have dinner together, it gets cancelled due to unexpected events. The feast is essential to their very livelihoods and as the increased lack of consumption continues, the dividing-line between reality and fantasma morphs for each guest. But you know that!

What you do not know is this. The Blu has been sweetened for this release. The 4K version is very lovely and might become the standard version for each and every re release to compete with. The Blu version, which I review here, is still on the road but more like a coasting car in the sports cars wake. Its over lit, colour drained and some of the texture is lacking. This is not a major crime, just a sad exception to a rule of quality. The extras here are a film student (who will really get VFM here) dream. The great Charles Tesson lays it on a little thick but tells his points with passion. Professor Peter W. Evans is drier but much more academic in sense of content and context for Bunuel and surrealism. Jean-Claude Carrière interview is short, sharp and superb!




New Analysis of 3 scenes of the film with critic Charles Tesson

New Critical Analysis of Charles Tesson

Critical Analysis of Professor Peter W. Evans

New Interview with writer Jean-Claude Carrière

New Trailer (2022 Version)

Original Trailer

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