as any long term reader will know, I one dispense with over analytical and self indulgent writing and I also love Westerns. This I inherited from my father (alongside my eyes apparently). RIO CONCHOS is one of a select few films, that I have not seen. As this list grows smaller, it seems to be that those on it are either missed because they are terrible or because they seem to be less interesting than others on the various lists. Well RIO CONCHOS had always been on the lower end of one of these lists and looked over without much probing to the logic why. After about 20 minutes in and the first act completed, I questioned my list, my decision making and the missed opportunity in seeing a brilliantly written, directed and acted film, that has mined a rich series of genre conventions and come out the other side pleasing the audience, genre stalwarts and Westerners in equal measure.

Avenging the massacre of his family by Apache Indians, Lassiter (Richard Boone) who was a confederate officer in the war, is arrested by the US Army. They want him to explain how he has obtained a stolen repeating rifle. He is offered freedom from his crimes but only if he stays in Mexico, helping two military men to recover the remaining stolen weapons. He agrees but wants a hand in the fight and asks for a Mexican prisoner, Rodriguez (Anthony Franciosa) to be at his side. After they blast their way through bandits and bandit country, they reach the Apache’s. Here they discover the megalomaniacal Confederate soldier Pardee (Edmond O’Brien), who wants to start another war by selling guns to the renegade Apache’s.

Yep, this is dynamite in every single way. I loved it. Watched it and wanted to scream from the hills about its brilliance. Signal One has done very well indeed with this. The HD transfer is almost faultless, with lovely hues, colour holds for the technicolour and its so good you feel the heat from the screen. I have to also say that the only extra, an interview from film expert Chris Poggiali, is worth a watch or two, though short, it gives details on Boone, who is a great character actor, but also talks the director Gordon Douglas work in the genre, which was vast and indeed covers greats of the industry and genre. 

Special Features:

  • High-Definition Transfer
  • UK Blu-ray Premiere
  • Interview with film expert Chris Poggiali
  • Original Mono Audio
  • Still Gallery
  • Optional English SDH Subtitles for the Main Feature

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