Nekromantik 2 DVD Review

N2Monika lives and loves the old way. That is deeply and to death. Now sadly Monika didnt understand that this was not a literal relationship and that the person on the other side had to be a corpse. She has the decaying body of Rob, living in her house and she is loving every bit of his flesh. He might be rotting away, smelling the place up to high heaven but she still adores him. When however she meets Mark, a living, human that doesn’t stink or have rotting flesh, she is torn between the world of the dead and the world of the living. Can she go to the extreme and come into that world of normality and out of that deathly reality?

N1My experience with Jorg and the Nekro series has been at best absurd. This is a series of films with much to say and even more to challenge the viewer. By exploring sex, death and modern relationships, these films craft a very uneasy sense of truth. The look old, effects have aged and the shine has worn away but the message and the narrative are as fresh as ever. Watch if you are brave, bold, love film that is unpleasant and absurd.  Be warned however, these are not easy watches and nor should they be.

N3So the disc is good. I was less impressed with the transfer this time than the previous release. It feels aged and the Standard def doesnt help. Having not seen the Blu Ray, i pause to comment but the grain on the 16mm is heavy. The commentary is a delight and some laughs can be found from the affable and intelligent Buttgereit. The doc I would direct you to is the excellent location exploration of the film. It takes you on a wonderful journey around a world that is familiar from visits and the film but you see the change and the conversations around it are compelling. Also the Masters of Life and Death which is a very good addition to a great set.



  • High Definition transfer approved by director Jörg Buttgereit
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
  • Original Stereo 2.0 audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Audio commentary with Buttgereit, co-writer Franz Rodenkirchen and actors Monika M. and Mark Reeder
  • Introduction to the film with Buttgereit, Reeder, Monika M. and producer Manfred Jelinski
  • Masters of Life and Death a brand new documentary looking at the film s production and release history, featuring interviews with Buttgereit, Reeder, Monika M. and Jelinski
  • City of the Loving Dead a walking tour of some of the original Berlin locations with Reeder and Jelinski
  • Necropolis: Jörg Buttgereit s Berlin film scholar Dr. Marcus Stiglegger on the significance of the German capital as the backdrop for Nekromantik 2
  • The Making of Nekromantik 2 vintage documentary viewable with two different audio tracks: an English track comprising audio interviews with Buttgereit, Rodenkirchen and Monika M., and a German track featuring radio interviews with Buttgereit and Rodenkirchen, with optional English subtitles
  • Nekro Waltz: The Music of Nekromantik 2 Reeder discusses his work on the film s score
  • Outtakes Reel
  • Nekromantik 2 Livekonzert footage from the 20th anniversary Nekromantik 2 concert, with Monika M. and friends performing the live score
  • Nekromantik 2 Livekonzert the complete 20-track audio recording of the concert [BD/DVD-ROM content]
  • Two Buttgereit short films: Bloody Excess in the Leader s Bunker (Blutige Exzesse im Führerbunker, 1982) and A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein (2012)
  • Two Buttgereit-directed music videos: Rise Up by Die Krupps (1997), starring Monika M., and Die Frau in der Musik by Stereo Total (2007)
  • Complete collection of Buttgereit feature film trailers
  • Extensive image gallery



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