It is rare to come across a film that is better than the assorted verbal excrement around it gives it credit for. Once again a film that is destined for ASDA price bins but should have got more, if only for the following. Michael Caton Jones directs, The producers of MUDBOUND and BEYOND THE EDGE produce and Ron Perlman , Famke Janssen and Richard Dreyfuss star… in this frankly unexpected, belting action film. Renamed from its US title ASHER due to the audience in the UK needing a link to something familiar. So if you have seen that film, then you have seen this. It also has no link to the game and film series HITMAN. So do not expect all of that stealth kille stuff. FYI.  Aging hitman Asher (Perlman) is all outta luck and fast approaching retirement. Maybe as his presidential campaign was lifting off he wanted to see it through. Well prior to endorsing Kamala Harris. As work dries up, he sees a change in career and after meeting Sophie (Janssen) it looks as if that is what will happen. Then jobs start coming in again. One job has come that might be harder to execute than expected. It might even distabilise his options, life and the future he thought safe.

Right. So what makes this by the number film a step above?

Ok its not just the cast but that helps a lot. Perlman is cool and hard. You could see him being a tough as person but also he is honest enough to avoid too much emotional charge and bawling. Janssen has the vibe of a nightclub worker and gives us something joyful to watch. Dreyfuss walks through the piece but hams it up enough to add textures of comedy and terror in equal measures. However I attribute alot of the films success to Michael Caton Jones and his editing team. They have pulled together a cheaper film, off studio and indie. Then have still kept the clarity, ethic and skill of the majors. So that the film never ever falls or fails to pay back your investment. Not a case of greatly. Not even a case of a bonus bank bonaza. More a £100 joining fee. But its something rather than nothing….

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