Halloween feature 50 days, 50 slays! Day 33 Evolutions a monster SPRING

We reviewed this Moorehead and Benson underseen gem, a few years back on its initial release. Then we were so impressed by the directors growing body of work. Now as Halloween is getting closer, we felt it was the right time to return to the body, well, evolutionary species of the piece. A mix of body horror and romance that avoids simplistic jump scares and chews on the very fat of us all. Its evolution baby, so why don’t you kill me or something.

33 – SPRING (101 Films)


Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) mother dies from cancer, he gets into a bar fight at the wake and then ends up fleeing the US for Italy. Arriving without a plan, he meets to English guys on a Euro tour and follows them to the coast. There he soon meets Louise (Nadia Hilker), they are magnetic and unstoppable. They fall in love. But then a series of bizarre events lead to Evan discovering that there’s more to her than meets the eye. He has to choose love or something far worse.


SPRING is the sort of film for lovers at Halloween. This is a very rare thing indeed. By this I mean that usually its the horror that brings us closer together. However here it is a warm and rich tenderness between two people. Spring balancing of the body horror visual effects (which are often rather skilfully executed) with an intelligent script acknowledges the creators genuine genius. The film just seems to connect all the dots. These dots also allow for viewers to find something in it for a revitalizing watch. You might not be into the horror but you will find something in the love part or vice versa.


Well the great visual effects, scenery and palpable chemistry of the leads are all worth watching out for. Also that American guys dead body scene is shockingly good.


On the run from the law after a bar-room brawl, troubled

Released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s SPRING is a genre-bending horror romance that blends stunning locations, bold performances, and a unique visual style.

Special Features

Reversible sleeve
Director commentary (2020)
Director commentary (2014)
The Note
The Talented Mr Evan
VFX Case Study
Proof of Concept
Alternate Ending
Angelo, the Worst Farmer in the World
Wankster Girlfriend Monologue
Evan Ti Odio
Promo Videos
Deleted Scenes



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