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A joke about the great director Stanley Kubrick goes that when asked to fake the moon landings, he was such a perfectionist that he took them cast and crew to the moon to shot the film. 50 years after Neil Armstrong did actually set foot on the moon, Damien Chazelle tried his best to get us there again (no conspiracy theorists, there is no evidence you have and a lot of third party evidence supporting it!) Charting the complexity, confusion and crisis at the very heart of the space programme. Covering the life story of the first human to set foot on another world in its course.

Ryan Gosling plays Armstrong from his time as the go to NASA test pilot. The pilot that flew the X-15 rocket plane which inadvertently bounces off the atmosphere. Then was pushed into the Gemini programme (to prepare for the Apollo mission and the Lunar landings). He faces the deaths of his daughter, best friends and colleagues. But finally is given the command of the Apollo 11 mission and the landing on the moons surface. As he steps onto the platform that will bring him immortality, its a life of great reflection…

Chazelle has proved much with FIRST MAN. Mainly that this film is set up as a study of the man and the mission but fails to pull off either coherently. The script is unbalanced, the complexity which should have been navigated becomes confused (watch THE RIGHT STUFF) and it becomes heavy from about the 30 minute mark. Add to this the odd, documentary style camera in the intimate scenes (with odd cranking) between the awesomely captured space flight scenes, to fully understand what could have been and is missed.


The best extras on the blu ray are the commentary, which also asks a lot of questions and answers none in regard to what Chazelle might have wanted. The other feature is the Recreating the Moon Landing piece. A can of worms is opened for the Conspiracy nuts….

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Giant Leap in One Small Step
  • Recreating the Moon Landing
  • Shooting at NASA
  • Astronaut Training
  • Feature Commentary and More!



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