Dispossession DVD Review

The UK has a housing crisis on its hands. Private investors, local authorities and financial institutes are colluding to drain the supply of social housing to cause profits. The problem is that the will is not there to stop it. This documentary exposes how this is happening all across the nation and explores who is involved and why they are directly to blame for the state of affairs. Taking analysis from people in the industry, using factual information and discussing with pertinent case studies, it hits a chord with the audience and with the evidence.

Right let me get to it. This is a powerful and timely documentary that exposes a criminal action that must be stopped. Money from outside of the UK, from wealthy individuals and from finance houses is causing councils to drain stocks and sell to redevelop. A major crime of making the rich, richer and the poor well you get it. However what this documentary also exposes is that, many people in this country and pro-porting to want to make the situation better and more even are benefiting from it. You see people are desperate and unable to take on bigger corporations. They are then being driven out and relocated to other places and off the councils books, it has become a process that is destroying society and its being helped along by those who say they want to help.  You cant blame profiteers from far climbs and near markets when it is almost being encouraged by the coffee chain

So you can blame those who should do something and dont. Many have tried to support this from the rich and powerful but this has been seen as duplicitous. Cheating the most deprived and absolving themselves. This is the thing underlined here. With the revelation this week that high earners and rich folks are exploiting help to buy schemes, it appears that everyone has a agenda but plays as if they care. There are some who say well we support it but want to live somewhere, they are exposed as the hypocrites they are.

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