Annabelle : Creation DVD Review

Another doll delivers scares and slashes its way through an orphanage. When the orphans from Sister Charlotte’s (Miss Bala’s Stephenie Sigman) are moved to a new home, they might have been really excited. The home belongs to the Mullins. He is a toy maker and loves to hand craft dolls. She is bed bound and lives in a small room at the back of the house. They both had a daughter who died in a tragic accident. Cue the expected dark closet, evil spirits and a case of ‘the worlds worst place to send orphans!’

From the people who brought you some film that Haunted you in the cinema and then later on DVD or Blu Ray or On demand. Horror series are once again in Vogue (along with superheros…and reboots…). Okay so I am being facetious and that is very unfair.  Annabelle : Creation is a better film than I may have suggested above. How you may ask? Well I will tell you.

Its well directed. A rare skill for a horror film but this has nuances and clever visual plays. The direction gets the tone and in truth that is half the battle there. Horror lives on tonal hues and here it is well shaped. I think this is a mammoth achievement and one that deserves recognition. It is well edited, with pacing and this is also key to its fright induced scenes. The score is haunting and not a barrage of sound akin to villeneuve work. Acting is good enough to sustain a film like this. Then finally I have to mark out its successes in scaring the viewer. It works all round. Very much a film you will watch on a night in. Then be unable to open a cupboard or door without wondering….

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