78/52 DVD Review

Hitchcock the master of cinema most infamous scene from his most infamous film, is unpacked and explored in fine detail. Pyscho shower scene been a statement in film history for over half a century now. It most certainly has claim to being the scene most remembered in film history. On the surface an everyday scene, forever now immortal as the end of an era of innocence. We discover how it has been inspiring film genre, waves and the modern horrors we are all frightened of ever since.

On any film course in the world, this film is seen. On any young film maker or writers must see film list is this film. On any film theorists list of deeply revealing pieces about its makers and societies ills is this film. The film I am talking about of course in Psycho. A film often mistaken for exploration but actually the fore comer of much of that’s genres most powerful pieces. Its a simple enough story, followed by the most shocking moment in film history. 78/52 takes great pains in exploring. Pondering how it effected everything, what was left after and why it might have been even more important than we first suspected. All valid stuff you say. All stuff many a film fan has gone over again and again. 78/52 deconstructs the films with a level of sycophancy but it is warranted. It asks great faces of horror their opinion. Taking them and us on a well traversed journey from the lead up to the most infamous shower in history. Stars push, sway and then interjects with slices of detail. Forcing the 78 setups and 52 cuts to become a potent device that get us to the prostrate body at its end and ripping cinema anew in the process. This frames a story that is both important and occasionally tired.



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