Long cut and thanks to 88 Films this 1978 kung fu classic, SNAKE & CRANE ARTS OF SHAOLIN is available to watch on stellar Blu Ray. A new 2K restoration from the negative. All overseen by Golden Harvest itself. Jackie Chan and director Chen Chi-Hwa produce a stone cold stand out film. Hsu Ying Fung (Chan) tells the world that he possesses the “Eight Steps of the Snake and Crane”. This is a martial arts manual illustrating a fighting style that is famous as being written by Shaolin monks of a secret order. The other problem is many want this and this desire leads to problems. Hsu though is actually looking for those responsible for a crime. This is the crime of who has his disappeared master and what do they want with him? Will Hsu be able to solve the riddle?
Well, well, well. We have a superb looking (both in box work, well done The Dude Designs) and in content (well done 88 Films). SNAKE & CRANE ARTS OF SHAOLIN as any Kung Fu film fan or champion knowns is simply excellent. High octane, playful and sprinkled with zings and zaps of cheorgraphed joy. A high point as the master of the fast fist and body control was coming into his own. Chen Chi-Hwa  directs with humour, pace and style that is well worth your time and patience. Rick Baker unpacks a lot of this, often retelling moments that made these films more than just another entry. Rick Baker is a great source of passion and Kung Fu knowledge that overlays all of the reason this works.  So in two words. BUY THIS. I also want to acknowledge again those hard working guys at 88 Films. They have really smashed it out of the park and very well done to them…
  • Limited Edition O-Card slipcase [First Print Run Only]
  • Limited Edition Collectors’ Postcards Set (4) [First Print Run Only]
  • 2018 2K Scan from the Original Camera Negative
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • DTS Original English Mono Audio
  • DTS-HD MA English 5.1 Re-Mixed Audio
  • DTS Original Mandarin Mono Audio
  • DTS-HD MA Mandarin 5.1 Re-Mixed Audio
  • DTS-HD MA Cantonese Stereo Audio
  • Interview with Hong Kong Expert Rick Baker
  • Reversible Sleeve with New Artwork by The Dude Designs and Original Hong Kong Poster Artwork


  • Region Code: B
  • Picture Format: HD 1080p 2.35:1
  • Audio Format: DTS Mono / DTS-HD MA 5.1 
  • Language: English / Cantonese & Mandarin with English Subtitles
  • Certification: 15
  • Running Time: 101 Mins Approx (uncut)




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Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin

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