• 56th BFI London Film Festival Programme Announced

    56th BFI London Film Festival Programme Announced

    The programme for the 56th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express launched today under the new creative leadership of BFI’s Head of Exhibition and Festival Director, Clare Stewart, bringing a rich and diverse programme of international films and events from both established and upcoming talent over a 12 day celebration of cinema.

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  • 50/50 Review

    50/50 Review

    As far as diseases go, cancer definitely isn’t the funniest. But after writer Will Reiser was diagnosed with cancer, he found it a cathartic experience to create a script based on his illness. As they say, laughter is the best medicine… At 27, Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is doing alright for himself. He has a sexy [...]

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  • Junkhearts Review

    Junkhearts Review

    Making most Kitchen Sink dramas seem like Ealing Comedies, Junkhearts is an excessively bleak and dreary British Drama that may boast some great performances but little else. The title refers to the two main characters, both of whom suffer from drug addiction. The plot focuses on Eddie Marsan’s lonely ex soldier haunted by his past [...]

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  • London Film Festival 2011: Wrap Up

    London Film Festival 2011: Wrap Up

    Our very first podcast! Sam & Mike discuss the highlights and lowlights of this years festival.

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  • The Ides of March Review

    The Ides of March Review

    After Leatherheads, George Clooney is back on form with his latest directorial turn The Ides of March. This political thriller focuses on the campaign trail for Clooney’s presidential candidate and the questions of morality it raises for all of the characters involved. Ryan Gosling is certainly the man of the moment, and his performance in [...]

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  • Anonymous Review

    Anonymous Review

    What if Shakespeare was illiterate? What if someone else wrote his plays? What if that person was writing them with political intentions, using theater to turn the people against his enemies? All of these questions are tackled in Roland Emmerich’s latest blockbuster Anonymous which explores the theory that the Earl of Oxford was accountable for all of [...]

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