• Profile: Eirene Houston – A Writer’s Journey

    Profile: Eirene Houston – A Writer’s Journey

    Some people are fortunate enough to find a calling early in life, realising a certain prowess during their schooling or thereafter. Others never find something they would describe as a calling, no form of career or work ever grabs hold of them so strongly it is impossible to let it go. Then there is another [...]

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  • Eirene Houston Interview – Day of the Flowers

    Eirene Houston Interview – Day of the Flowers

    This interview was taken shortly after Day of the Flowers screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 “Basically I just write, I write about people and try to find the truth in situations in the things I write about. You just hope that is going to appeal to everybody, or at least all ages. [...]

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  • Brave – Review (EIFF 2012 – #edfilmfest)

    Brave – Review (EIFF 2012 – #edfilmfest)

    Whether they are retired superheroes, outcast ants or insecure toys, Pixar have been consistently making films about males. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that immediately Brave is something a little different to anything Pixar have done before. Remove their arch wit, take away a modern or futuristic setting and this becomes [...]

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  • Film Review III – EIFF Edition Podcast

    Film Review III – EIFF Edition Podcast

    Film Review Podcast III This month Jonny is joined by fellow writers and Glasgow Film Journalism Students David Rowley and Jonathan Newman. They discuss the films they have taken in at the 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival, including William Friedkin’s new deep-fried thriller, Killer Joe.   Follow Jonny on Twitter – @joffglen

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  • Jonny’s EIFF Round Up Part 2 – EIFF #edfilmfest

    Jonny’s EIFF Round Up Part 2 – EIFF #edfilmfest

    The best of the rest of the fest, some more corkers and duds appear in this years Edinburgh International Film Festival,but the programme has at least been revitalised thanks to new artistic director Chris Fujiwara.   God Bless America Comedian turned writer/director Bobcat Goldthwaite takes on everything he hates about the USA and guns it [...]

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  • MNL-143 Review – EIFF #edfilmfest

    MNL-143 Review – EIFF #edfilmfest

    The screen is flooded by a deluge of images depicting busy streets. A manic highway surrounded by expensive looking high-rises as well as abject poverty. Welcome to Manila, a cultural melting pot that is as noisy as it is diverse. As music sweeps over the raucous rush hour city Emerson Reyes begins his first feature [...]

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