Back to the Garden DVD Review

It’s a year since the death of Ivan, an inspirational theatre director, and we follow a group of his close friends who come together to celebrate his memory.
Starred Up review

Starred Up Review

With this title and a lead character called Eric Love you might guess that this was a tale of a wannabe pop singer or perhaps a trainee accountant who dreams of a more glamorous life – you’d be wrong. Starred Up is a prison drama that hits you right between the eyes with a visceral power not seen since the days of Alan Clarke.

Jon Sanders Interview

With Back to the Garden Jon Sanders completes his trilogy of low budget dramas shot in Kent. These films are unabashed in their focus on older protagonists and bold in their formal rigor and use of improvisatio... Read More...

Back To The Garden Review

Back to the Garden is the final part in Jon Sanders loose trilogy exploring love and death with each film shot on a taut shoestring budget and set in the Kent countryside. With protagonists in their 60s the past weighs heavy: past indiscretions, words gone unsaid, emotions buried under the weight of time.

Mister John DVD Review

How much do you know about the man in the street and what does he know of himself? Mister John is the second feature film from Christine Molloy and Joe Lawler and confirms the promise of their debut feature Helen. Like Helen the story concerns the fluid nature of identity and the unknowable in all of us.