Blue Jasmine Review

Jen Kilchenmann reviews Blue Jasmine for Front Row Reviews: Cate Blanchett's portrayal of a depressed, broken and betrayed woman in utter disillusion about the realities of the world and a twisted re-invented past, is spectacular, in Woody Allen's latest film Blue Jasmine.

In a World… Review

First time feature writer/director Lake Bell stars in her awkwardly brilliant comedy In a World as a vocal coach headed to the big time.

The Heat Review

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star as Ashburn and Mullins in the hilarious buddy cop movie The Heat.

Frameline37: Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf

When Anna comes across her muse Katia, she decides to write a movie for her in order to win her love. And so is born Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf. With the help of her friends, will Anna finally make a movie? Or will it all turn into chaos? Anna Margarita Albelo's fresh, original and hilarious film premiered at Frameline37.

Frameline37: Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult – Season 1

Friday night at Frameline37 saw the premiere of writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton’s web series Easy Abby. Repackaged as a feature film, it tells the story of Abby, a happy-go-lucky singleton whose love life includes plenty of the sex, much less of the love. Commitment and Abby aren’t the best of friends. What she does have in abundance is loyalty to her friends.