Point Blank – DVD Review

Point Blank (Fred Cavaye) is fast paced French kidnap thriller. Whilst the story is standard, the film is greatly improved by the directors exceptional eye for details, and a strong thread of realism in the characters.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Review

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (Eli Craig) is deliciously satirical, and outright hilarious and will no doubt draw comparisons with Scream (Wes Craven) for its take on the slasher film, but this comparisons are slightly wide of the mark.

Retreat Review

Retreat (Carl Tibbets) is a film which feels like it may have been written 2 years ago, but has since dropped into irrelevance. Unfortunately it is also entirely predictable to anyone who has seen more than one horror film before.

Red, White and Blue – Review

An excellent film with a sense of reality and a Hitchcockian use of the mundane which leads into what is a truly unsettling act.

City of God Blu-Ray Review

City of God (Fernando Meirelles, Katia Lund) is the film that brought Brazilian cinema into the public attention, set from the sixties through the seventies the film paints a bleak picture which has been blended with nostalgia to create a thoroughly compelling picture.